At Embree Elevator our experience has shown that routine maintenance is the key to protecting an elevator system. As with any mechanical or electrical device, parts are subject to wear and tear and deterioration over time. We have found that a routine maintenance program involving a regularly scheduled service visit from an elevator technician, to make minor adjustments and lubricate moving parts, is critical to maximizing the useful life and reliability of an elevator system. We offer our customers numerous program options depending on their specific needs. Plans include the following:

Basic Lubrication - The most basic plan includes routine examination and lubrication of equipment. Parts, service calls and safety tests are excluded from the contract.

Partial Maintenance - The basic plan with an allowance added to cover a specific number of monthly repair hours and a specific monthly parts limit.

Full Maintenance - The most comprehensive plan includes all materials and labor to maintain the elevator system with exclusions for obsolescence and misuse.

At Embree Elevator we pledge to tailor a maintenance plan to meet your requirements. Please call us to set up a meeting to review your elevator maintenance program.




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