Business Insurance

General Liability/Umbrella/Automobile Insurance
At Embree Elevator we consider business insurance to be one of the most important expenditures we make. The policies carried by Embree Elevator not only protect the company, its employees and vehicles on the road, but also provide general liability and umbrella coverage for our customers elevator systems.
Insurance limits carried are as follows:
 General LiabilityEach Occurrence$1,000,000
  Personal & Adv Injury$1,000,000
  General Aggregate$3,000,000
  Products-Comp/Op Agg$3,000,000
 Excess Umbrella LiabilityEach Occurrence$10,000,000
 AutomobileCombined Single Limit$1,000,000
 Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Each Accident$500,000
  Disease– Each Employee$500,000
  Disease– Policy Limit$500,000
Certificates of Insurance are available to our customers and/or prospective customers upon request.
Bonding Insurance
Embree Elevator carries surety bond coverage through United Casualty and Surety Company in the following limits:
 Single Project Limit $1,500,000
 Aggregate Limit$3,500,000
Project bonding is available upon request. Requests for bonding must be made during the bidding process so that the additional cost of providing coverage may be included in the projects elevator budget proposal.

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